YOUR New Year’s Resolution: Preface (1/7)

I’ve had it with new year’s resolutions. I’ve made them in the past and tried to stick to them, but in the end, I was only able to accomplish just a few. I don’t want putting pressure on myself for goals that aren’t really attainable within a specific time. Heck, I don’t want the pressure in the first place, specially since I’m busy with work, personal commitments, socialization, etc. With the preoccupations in my life, I stopped making new year’s resolutions. Actually, I stopped making them about five or six years ago, I’m not sure.

But I still make resolutions, I just don’t do them every new year. I make them only when I feel the need to change myself for the better. Resolutions need not be those implemented at every new year. In this way, the resolutions made are more within reach due to the wider span of time provided for their preparation and implementation. Also, since they are not limited to be one-year goals, better and more lasting results are accomplished. In short, resolutions (new year’s or not) should be considered as long-term goal statements that are maintained throughout life.

Now, instead of making a blog post on my new year’s resolutions, I’ll be writing about yours. Yes, YOURSSS!!!

But I won’t ask you to submit your resolutions and have them posted here. Instead, I will write and rant about five of the most common new year’s resolutions that we make. These are:

  1. losing weight and being fit,
  2. quitting vices,
  3. organizing finances,
  4. eliminating tardiness, and
  5. enjoying life more.

Please don’t expect accurate information on the aforementioned topics, as I am not a certified expert on those. On some topics, I will be writing based on my experience; for others, I will be sharing my thoughts and some information that I have learned from school. Also included would be information gathered from my searches on- (the Internet) and offline (books, magazines, newspapers, etc.).

The new year is already five days old. Have you made your resolution? It’s a great deal to make with yourself to truly enjoy life to the fullest!

Next post: YOU Resolve to Lose Weight and Be Fit! (2/7)


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Recis Dempayos

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