Renovation on the First Day of the New Year

Happy 2010 to everyone!! I just can’t get enough of the festivities! Since last night, I’ve been in a state of euphoria. I’m basically an unstable depot of energy! New year celebrations do that to me. Because they’re “something new,” they excite me to undertake renewal or innovative activities.

One such activity would be on the “looks” of my blog.

I have a practice of changing my blog’s theme every six months to a year. I do this to shun away my boredom that eventually develops from prolonged use of a certain theme. So, a few days before the New Year, I switched from the Vermilion Christmas theme to  Digg 3 Column, a three-column theme. I’ve been using two-column themes ever since I started at, that I wanted to break the monotony. Just when I was beginning to get the hang of that theme, I discovered the current theme that is employed right now—INove by mg12.

I found that INove had extra features that definitely compliment my vision for my blog’s dynamics. One would be the drop-down menus on the header that display the complete titles of a blog’s pages and their sub-pages! Another would be the custom html codes that can be posted on the upper right-hand of the header, the top of the latest post, and the top of the sidebar. These provide a broader customization option for the blogger. Lastly, the theme appeals very much to my nature with its simplicity and elegance. I prefer subtlety and sophistication when making an impression on anyone (specially on a blog), although sometimes, I also utilize vibrant graphics and other forms of media.

Now, the only setback: No customizable header. It’s a shame since I spend hours of work creating my headers on Photoshop. That’s why I thought of building a static front page for my blog, wherein I could publish my header, and some text to entice readers to browse over my posts. But I’m not entirely sure if this set-up would be appreciated since accessing a static front page first, before the posts, can be a hassle. Then again, it deviates from the usual, latest-posts-on-front-page blogs. You see, I love deviating! Hopefully, I my blog renovation plans would work out.


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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