New Year Movie List

Yesterday, I posted the top movies of the decade, as according to a couple of online movie ratings databases. Now, I am going to share my list of movies which I usually watch during this time—the last week of the year, the days wherein we anticipate the coming year with lavish celebrations. After watching a handful of Christmas-related movies (see Yuletide Season Movie List) you may be looking for titles that specifically reflect the coming new year. This type of movies are limited, so the list that I am going to provide includes those not really pertaining to the transition of the years—these were just screened a little before or after the holidays. Nevertheless, all of these flicks are just perfect to reflect on and to welcome the New Year. Note that just some other movies included in this list are not really favorites of mine, but are “kind of” related to the incoming new year.

200 Cigarettes

This flick plays on the formula of having multiple characters that are interconnected with one another. You know how this works out: The film starts with one person or a group of people in a certain situation. Then, we are suddenly diverted to another person or group within another dilemma. Soon, we are introduced to several characters that seem inexplicably related. It turns out, these characters, though unfamiliar with each other, are going to a party. So they all meet on a rendezvous and culminate into an explosive/hilarious/shocking/etc. climax. Frankly, I like these types of movies. Not much room for story-telling, but it does facilitate character development and allows the viewer to focus more on the stereotypes. Also, it keeps you engaged since (with the shortened attention span of people nowadays) the story arc keeps changing. Click to read the dedicated blog post.


I have seen this animated flick, as a kid, being aired on GMA-7 every January, and have then anticipated it every year. When GMA-7 stopped airing it, I was depressed that I resolved to secure a copy of it. I have a VCD copy at home, which I have carefully kept within its shrink wrap and stored it in a dry, secure place. That is how much I love this film!

Balto is the story of a half-dog, half-wolf breed that is considered as an outcast by a community of dog-sledding inhabitants. But Balto is not fazed at all. He lives every day as a happy-go-lucky canine with a duck and two polar bear brothers. It’s kind of all The Lion King—being lost, losing confidence in yourself, accepting yourself, showing everyone just what you are capable of, and in the end, emerging victorious. I remember crying at some points within the movie as a kid—I think I still do. J

Oh, the home-video sequels are also great, if you can get your hands on them:

Barbie in the Nutcracker

The story of the nutcracker is a classic tale that is fitting for the holiday season. In most versions, the ending is happy; in some others, the ending is sad. I remember a version in which a “soldier-shaped” nutcracker is forbidden from loving a “ballerina music box.” (It’s an animated rendition wherein everyday inanimate objects have life.) In the end, both get burned at a fire place, but instead of forming ashes, together, they form heart.

Now, the reason that I chose the Barbie version is because of the animation style rendered by the Barbie movie series. The outcome actually reflects all those Barbie dolls displayed in department stores. Another reason I like these series would be the theme music and the score—the singing voice of Barbie is simply beautiful.


If you didn’t know, Gepetto is the carpenter-father of Pinocchio. I don’t know why this Disney musical film was named Gepetto instead of as “Pinocchio”—maybe since there is, already, an animated film entitled Pinocchio so obvious distinctions in the title have to be established. It doesn’t really focus on Gepetto either—it’s more or less the exact telling of Pinocchio’s story, only as a musical and it’s in real live action. But anyway, you will never go wrong with this movie musical—engaging song numbers and a building anticipation of when both father and son would finally be reunited.

Last Holiday

Two words: Queen Latifah.

When you know that you have a limited time on Earth, what do you do? Why, enjoy the rest of your life, of course!! Spend all your money by going on an extravagant vacation, ride in style, engage in extreme sports, gamble the night away at the casino, and enjoy all the cuisine that you can get from renowned chefs. This is one of the films that I enjoy watching over and over again.

Snow Buddies

Honestly, I didn’t like this TV special. It’s a spin-off from the classic Air Bud movie, and I found it so-so. I guess I’ve outgrown the “talking animals” movie genre (i.e.: Homeward Bound, Look Who’s Talking Now!, Chihuahua, G-Force, Alvin and the Chipmunks, etc.). Nevertheless, this is a good movie to screen on home theaters for kids who stay up late for the new year celebrations.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The first movie, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, is the mark of my first ever attempt to step inside a movie house. It was January 1 or 2, I think, of the year 2006 when I first had my cinema experience. (Yeah, I entered the theater late—I was already in college—but that’s for another blog post.) Since it was my first time, I found it spectacular but was a bit confused since Susan used her bow and arrows just once in the movie. ???

For the second trip to Narnia in Prince Caspian, everything again exceeded my expectations. I found it better than the first, but was sorry to know that the third outing would no longer include the complete Pevensie children. Anyways, I am still anticipating The Voyage of the Dawn Threader to be shown in the coming year.

I believe that The Chronicles of Narnia will always be associated with the new year because… well, I think there is no other better time of the year to screen these series of movies. The Chronicles of Narnia is generally a family-oriented movie, and aren’t families usually together during the holidays?

The Holiday

I know I’ve included this in my Yuletide Season Movie List, but I feel that it also deserves to be included in this list. After all, the new year celebrations are still holidays thus, this flick would fit nicely within your new year movie-viewing.

Here are other titles you might like:



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