What Cameron Made Me Feel

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Oh wow!

That was my first reaction upon getting out of the cinema. James Cameron has made me feel inexplicably intense, which radiates externally as though I was numbed. I walked around in a daze, just minutes after the showing. Avatar has truly entertained my lust for big screen graphical action, while also stimulating my thoughts on environmentalism and human nature.

Everything was simply exhilarating. Actually, about 30 minutes into the film, I could already feel my heart beating against my chest. After about two hours, I wanted to cry out but resolved not to. Instead, my hands and arms twitched while my feet and legs fidgeted around. I could feel the intense emotion displayed by the characters under such circumstances. The action scenes make recently-made action flicks look inferior. What sets this movie apart from other action-adventures is that it never losses its heart from the story—a perfect combination of action, adventure, romance, and story-telling.

Spoilers Ahead!

Avatar, also referred to as James Cameron’s Avatar, is the first movie written and directed by Cameron in the 2000s, and his comeback directorial movie after Titanic (1997). I said in my previous post that Avatar most probably will have a similar story plot to that of Battle for Terra. And I was right. It’s the same human-beings-invade-other-species’-planet or human-beings-as-the-invading-aliens tale—but with better graphics, an innovated script, and a more lengthy showtime at two hours and 41 minutes.

Avatar is set on a planet called Pandora, which has the same features as Earth, in the year 2154. Pandora is a satellite that orbits Polyphemus, a gas giant within the galaxy, Alpha Centauri A. Now, Pandora is inhabited by wildlife that resembles that of those on Earth. Imagine six-legged horses; dark, shiny, and wilder wolves; and pterodactyl-like creatures for birds. There are also intelligent and sentient beings that resemble human beings—the Na’vi. Their skins are bright blue in color, and they are about 10 feet in height. Like humans, these beings live in harmony on Pandora, divided among different clans (countries?) scattered throughout the planet.

Pandora is incapable of supporting human life, so anyone who wishes to walk in its habitat should wear innovative gas masks. Another alternative would be through the AVTR program, where genetically-bred Na’vi bodies are connected to human thought processes, thus enabling humans to virtually or artificially walk on Pandora’s environment. This is the main instrument for the motion of the film’s story.

The bad news: Humans have discovered a certain expensive mineral, called Unobtanium, that is very abundant on the planet. This mineral is located below the home of the Na’vi (a giant tree named, The Hometree or Kelutrel), so the only way to get it would be to relocate the Na’vi to another area. The Na’vi, unfortunately, disagree since their home  is a sacred and highly-revered dwelling place passed down to them by their ancestors. So, a conflict ensues that culminates into a war.

Jake Sully and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a cripple, takes part in the AVTR program with intentions of getting paid a large sum of money and being approved for an operation  that would enable him to walk again. What he didn’t realize was that in this program, he would discover a more worthy purpose, a chance to live his life again, and love. Yes, love. A human being falling in love with an alien—and they actually have sex! (Jake’s consciousness during the coital act was inside a Na’vi body.) Of course, Jake is caught in-between the human-Na’vi conflict and eventually, he will have to find a way to put things back into order.

…We are mated for life…


I love the above-mentioned line. It’s a new way of saying, “We are meant for each other.” Chessy, I know, but I still love it.

Speaking of the human-Na’vi sex scene, something crossed my mind:

What does it feel like having sex while your consciousness is in another body? You don’t actually feel it, but it’s still there in your mind.

Spoilers End Here

Cameron reportedly said that if this movie would become a success, he will assuredly make two more sequels. I guess that would explain some hanging parts at the end of the movie—in case Avatar becomes a hit, there will be an avenue to derive a story arc for the second and third installments; if not, the ending of this current flick is just right to keep the audiences glued. With the excitement and mostly favorable reviews the film has gotten, we can say that there probably will be an Avatar 2 and 3. I just hope that in case Cameron does make the sequels, they will be better than this first film—not that I’m saying that this film is bad.

Watch Avatar on the big screen. Don’t see it for the first time as a home video, you will regret it—the film revolutionizes digital camera motion captures. Get into the story and feel the visual action. It’s definitely worth it!

Jake and Neytiri are "mated for life."


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