Column: The Holiday Rush and Other Thoughts

It’s been a busy schedule from last week up to now, that’s why I didn’t have the time to add any new posts. The holiday rush is definitely on, with just nine days to go before Christmas and just a little over two weeks to go before we bade goodbye to 2009. Whew! I hardly noticed it, but every thing has gone so fast—I never really enjoyed the past few days in holiday style. Much work, shopping trips, and schedules to meet. Though I’m getting stressed out, I’m loving every minute of it!


I attended Misa de Gallo this morning at 5:00AM. For those of you who don’t know, the Misa de Gallo is a set of nine morning masses attended by Filipino Roman Catholics. It starts every 16th of December and culminates at the 24th. It is synonymous with Novena Masses and Simbang Gabi, although Simbang Gabi refers to night masses. The masses cover topics related to the real meaning of Christmas—peace, love, forgiveness, family, the holy family (Joseph, Mary, and Jesus), oneness with GOD, and the birth of Christ and its importance to humanity.


So what have I been up to in the past week? First off: The third day of Advent. Nothing much to it really—the same message of  change in ourselves and in society and the anticipation for the coming of Christ. Actually, while the mass was going on, several questions were bugging my mind: Why is the third candle in the Advent wreath colored pink? And why is it lit on the third day of Advent? What is the significance behind the difference of color (from the other violet candles)? Can anyone enlighten me on this matter?

Why the pink candle?


So Martial Law on Maguindanao has been lifted. Some persons may already be rejoicing, as they seriously oppose its implementation. Also, the Congress has deemed that its declaration was unconstitutional. What a shame.

I actually support(ed) the implementation of Martial Law in Maguindanao because of the security that it can provide for those living in the area. Sure, armories and other lethal weapons of the Ampatuans were dismantled, but there is still the matter of their supporters. We may not know it, but they may be getting together for demonstrations against condemning their leader or worse, they may have plans of hurting people opposing their support. Safety in Maguindanao is unstable, thus the need for the said declaration.

My point is, I just can’t believe the negativity and rallies against the implementation of Martial Law in Maguindanao. Almost the whole nation (except those who are really thinking) have condemned it. They figure that it would lead, later on, to the implementation of Martial Law over the whole country so the 2010 elections would not push through. OH PLEASE!! Do these people honestly think that Pres. Arroyo is stupid enough to do such an act? She knows that if she did declare Martial Law over the whole country, local society as well as the whole world will kick her out of Malacañang.

I think Filipinos are just plain (and stupidly) PARANOID!! Excuse my put-downs to my countrymen, but most of the time, they don’t act rationally—that is, thinking very well first, before doing and saying something. Are these Martial Law opposers the ones living in Maguindanao. If you’ll read the news, people from  the said province actually support its implementation to keep their society safe. The opposition just doesn’t empathize with those who are actually caught in the middle of the situation.



So what else goes on? I’m anticipating the first screening of James Cameron’s Avatar tomorrow. I do hope I can get to see it tomorrow. It’s James Cameron’s comeback major film after the phenomenal Titanic. I was able to get just a glimpse of its trailer in 3D when I saw A Christmas Carol (“just a glimpse” ’cause I entered the cinema late), and I can tell that it’s going to be a 3D eye-candy! I did see the full 2D trailer and from what it looks like, I think it will have a similar storyline (and maybe, ending storyline) to that of Battle for Terra—human beings invading alien planets, an ensuing war, and the ultimate sacrifice. I do hope Cameron won’t disappoint me—I revere him for his perfectionist approach in movie-making, which makes sense since I too, am a perfectionist.

I’ll put in my thoughts as soon as I get to see the movie…

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