I’m Feeling Christmassy Already!

It’s the second day of December and just yesterday, I got hold of and listened to Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas album, My Christmas. At last! A Christmas album from my all-time favorite classical singer!

Front cover art for Bocelli’s Christmas album.

Andrea Bocelli’s My Christmas (which was produced mostly by David Foster, who also handles Alicia Keys, Charice, and Josh Groban, among others) reminds me of old-style Christmases. You know, log cottages, flaming embers, lush evergreens, white mountaintops, cold temperatures, and of course, snow everywhere! I’m talking about the Christmas portrayed on the current 3D animated film, A Christmas Carol. The simple life and an extravagant celebration.

I have long dreamed of recording a holiday album that captures the beautiful traditions of the holiday season. Every year these songs have brought incredible joy to my family and I, and it is my hope to give back that same joy by making this album.

–Andrea Bocelli on My Christmas

Listening to every track leaves me in a trance–reminiscing olden times and what I would be doing if I ever lived back then. Except for in the duets, each song on the album has no hint of modernization in sound/instrumentals; just plain classical and traditional singing. There are also fun-filled tracks like the traditional, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Jingle Bells (with The Muppets), but these were still rendered in an authentic old-fashioned way. The album is mostly in English, with some tracks in Italian, German, and French. I just love listening to songs that I know of, in foreign languages. It’s the instance where you suddenly recognize the melody despite the lyrics that you don’t understand. Then, you start to sing along in the English version.

My personal track selection include: The Christmas Song (with Natalie Cole), The Lord’s Prayer (with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir),  Adeste Fidelis (O Come All Ye Faithful), O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree), Silent Night, Blue Christmas (with Reba McIntyre), and I Believe (with Katherine Jenkins). I was so teary-eyed in Cantique De Noel (O Holy Night) and God Bless Us Everyone, the theme from Disney’s A Christmas Carol. Most of all, I loved the first track, White Christmas/Bianco Natale. Probably the best rendition (of the song) that I have ever head of. It is interesting to note that The Christmas Song was originally recorded by the Nat King Cole trio (which includes Oscar Moore and Wesley Prince), with Nat King Cole as the father of Natalie Cole, Bocelli’s partner in this current rendition.


The temperature here in La Trinidad, Benguet yesterday was at 12°C. This morning, it was at 17°C (thankfully!). It’s always like this here at this point of the year. The lowest recorded temperature was 6.3°C on January 18, 1961. If it gets as low as that or even lower in the coming days, I WILL SERIOUSLY CONSIDER SLEEPING BY OUR ROARING FIREPLACE!!! It’s so difficult to take a bath, move around, and sleep in a very cold weather.


*sigh!* Listening to the love-themed tracks of My Christmas namely, The Christmas Song and Blue Christmas, make me want to fall in love. I think Christmastime is the best time of the year to fall in love, don’t you think?


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