“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”

It’s already a month to go before the 25th of December and, I have decided to change the theme of Scribe’s Express–from Bryan Veloso’s ChaoticSoul to Vermillion Christmas by Christmas WordPress Themes. This is to liven things up–I’ve been using dark shades like black and grays way too long.

To really jump-start my Christmas mood, I went to the mall’s 3D cinema to line up for the first screening day of Disney’s A Christmas Carol. I have waited for this for some time and was obviously excited to get to see it. I checked the screening times online: The second would be at 01:10PM. When I got to there, they told me that the movie started at 10:50AM. F*** up! That’s one thing I never anticipated: Screening schedules that are susceptible to change! Again, I’m disappointed. So I thought, “I could wait for the next screening time (2:50PM) but what would I do for the two-hour wait? Besides, I need to get home on or before 3:00PM!” *sigh!* Maybe it’s just not meant to be today. I’ll just try to see it tomorrow…



Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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