Column: These Two Weeks

The past two weeks were certainly extraordinary. Death of kittens, two typhoons, various landslides in my hometown, no power for eight days, impending food shortage, blocked roads, endless days of eating and lying around my bed, possible weight gain, rising calamity death tolls, boredom, and endless work-related stress. Thankfully, everything’s gradually letting up. There’s nowhere to go but forward.


Speaking of the death of my kittens, I’m still missing them. I have heard all the heartbreak love songs on the radio lately, and instead of mulling over my love life, I grieve over those two critters. So this is how it feels to lose someone or something so dear to you. How much more painful is it if one of your immediate family dies?


So I’ve been going over my posts and I noticed that I’ve read only ten books. Ten books!? I’ve read a little more than those but it seems like I couldn’t get to rant about them on my blog. There are usually two personal factors to this: Less time and no money. Less time to read and blog, no money to buy more interesting books.


I frequently visit my favorite bookstore chains in the nearby city to just look over titles that I might like and might get to read someday. Note: Someday. I don’t buy anything ‘cause I have other things to consider purchasing. Oh, occasionally, I would buy paperbacks but only those found in book sales. My only wish is to have a shopping spree where I get to buy all the books that I want all at the same time.


Now, I’ve heard of this new Sherlock Holmes novel, wherein Watson is imprisoned over a crime he didn’t do. This book engages the reader to solve the mystery by providing actual clue items, which are inserted within the pages. I can’t find the title of this book and I can’t find it anywhere in bookstores. Anyone know the title of this novel?


I also noticed that I have a pitiful number of posts in the “Music” category. Again my reasons for being so are the same as in my “Books” category: Less time, no money.


I become sluggish due to endless hours spent indoors. I haven’t been to the gym in five months; and now, I’m inching to get back. I ‘gotta start working on those abs in time for summer 2010–beach parties, resorts, poolside night celebrations, the works!


I had a blast last Thursday. After work, I headed over to my university just to take a stroll. Classes are suspended due to the recent calamities, so I generally had the whole school to myself. As I got closer to my high school building, I noticed a small fund drive for the typhoon victims of my high school alumni. Now, before this scenario, I would like to reiterate that I’ve been saving some bucks in my wallet just in case I might come over unexpected expenses before my next pay-out. Back to the fund drive, there was this box for collecting monetary donations. Immediately, I saw that I was saving my money for this cause. I knew GOD wanted me to contribute so I dropped all that I’ve been saving. It was timed—I planned to walk around my school for no particular purpose, I kept money on hand for a period of time, and now, here comes a cause to spend it on. It’s instances like these that reinforce my Faith in GOD’s plans for me.


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