One of the Greatest Moments in My Life

It’s been a really heavy week. I still can’t get over the death of my kittens. In my desolation, I wrote the following short essay. I meant to post it weeks agowhen my kittens were still here. It’s difficult to cherish the things that you love when they have already passed you by.

For me, one of the greatest moments in life is when your pet kittens crawl up to your feet to sleep. I experienced this great event this afternoon. I was sitting in a squatting position in our backyard when suddenly, my two cute kittens approached my feet. They walked around me, sniffing my feet with curious interest. Then, they walked over my toes and positioned themselves to comfort. I watched this whole episode and found it simply amusing. I wanted to shake them off but I reserved not to because they looked peacefully comfortable. We stayed in that position for hours. I wasn’t able to capture the moment on photo or video as I didn’t have my phone camera. I guess life’s charming moments happen impromptu, whether you have the means to record it or not.

The sun set with glorious red-orange hues cast over the sky. In the midst of this scenario, the kittens looked up at me. They eyed me, I eyed them back. They blinked several times, but I never took my eyes off them. There is an assurance formed the moment owner and pet look each other in the eye, for a long time, for the very first time. You look into their eyes and you know that they will trust you forever; as they look back, they know that they have captured your heart.

Trust. I was given a chance to provide it but as always, I failed.

One of the greatest moments in my life…

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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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