Taylor Swift Almost Lost Her Moment

So I’ve been browsing over the web a while back when I stumbled upon Yahoo! News featuring Kanye West’s outburst over Taylor Swift winning Best Female Video over Beyonce at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA).

What’s up with that?!

That wasn’t nice. At all. Sure, Kanye may have disapprovals on the winners but he shouldn’t have slashed a 19-year-old singer’s acceptance speech. It’s her first time to win a VMA award and he just ruins it.

If you’ll notice, Taylor was left clueless on what to do after Kanye’s comment. Her smile quickly faded. I believe she was shocked by the outburst–probably her first time to experience such an incident. And first-time experiences can be shocking, right? Thankfully, she didn’t cry. Instead, she walked off stage with escorts–award on hand and with the cheers and a standing ovation from the crowd.

If Kanye thinks otherwise on the most deserving winners in the MTV VMA, he should then put up his own award-giving body, i.e., Kanye’s Most Favorite Videos. That would be a better move than devastating a music artist’s winning moment. Personally, I didn’t expect Taylor to bag the award, nor did I opt for Beyonce to win. Still, what Kanye did was rude. After watching, my heart actually went out to her. She had a beautiful smile and that just faded away due to Kanye’s outburst. It actually pained me when she started to frown.

Thankfully, Beyonce was very understanding of Taylor’s circumstance and made amends as presented below. She actually gave up her winning moment for Taylor to enjoy her first VMA win.

Thanks, Beyonce! Congratulations, Taylor!

By the way, Video of Year went to Beyonce anyway, so I guess Kanye should be happy with it. The awards were properly distributed, Kanye was just impatient (theoretically).

Congratulations, Beyonce!


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Recis Dempayos

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