My Three-Dimensional Experience

Two weeks ago, I watched Disney’s newest animated flick, Up on a standard big screen. Two weeks later (this week) I watched it again, this time, on the 3D screen. It was my first time to view a movie in 3D. Coincidentally, this is Pixar’s first film to be presented in Disney Digital 3D. As with all first timers, I learned some things about the 3D movie theater:

  1. Three-dimensional effects are not exactly appreciated in animated flicks. The people and things moving around the screen are just distinguished from the background. There can be great effects but they can be minimal.
  2. Three-dimensional effects are more plausible in real-live 3D films. I noticed this when the trailers started rolling. The opening trailer I saw was for G-Force. I discovered that for a 3D film to be exciting, it should have action sequences, i.e., flying cars, falling buildings, huge explosions, etc.
  3. Be very selective of the 3D films you will watch to ensure your money’s worth. The 3D effects would depend on the nature of the film. I believe that the life-like shots would be thrilling in action and adventure films. Movies of other genres could also be enjoyed if they have engaging scenes.

As a movie addict, watching a 3D film is a must-have experience. I just hope that I would be able to experience watching in an IMAX theater soon. 🙂


As a side-note, I noticed that the mall offering the 3D movie experience (SM Baguio) had a projection screen smaller for their films’ aspect ratio. The result is viewing movie scenes with the top and bottom portions being cut off. Second, while watching, I could hear sounds coming from the videoke/karaoke bar from next door. The theater wasn’t exactly sound-proofed! Also, the sound system and acoustics was not impressive. I felt cheated having to pay Php200.00 for such an experience. That’s the reason why I favor the local mall’s (Baguio Center Mall) movie theaters. There are just two of them (compared to SM’s four) but they give you their money’s worth. The sound system is simply great! It can scare the wits out of its viewers. The projection is also adjusted so the screen projects the whole movie. Above all, the entrance fees are 50% to 60% cheaper! The only advantages of SM Baguio are the number of their cinemas and having a 3D screen. But what the heck! It’s useless if quality is compromised!


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Recis Dempayos

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