Column: I

It’s September already. Here in the Philippines, it signals the approach of Christmas. By this time, Christmas decorations are already been put up in offices. Some home owners have also hung decorations that eventually increase in number as the months lead to December. Informative television programs have started airing Christmas songs. They feature choirs singing classic yuletide carols. A Christmas countdown has already been initiated, stating that it’s just 110 days (as of now) before Christmas. Personally, I don’t approve of this early and overexcited Christmas celebration practice. It uses up all of the fun and excitement that when December 1st arrives, the enjoyment is already gone. I plan to wait for the month of December before kicking in my holiday spirit. So while everyone is having premature holiday fun, I’ll just lie low and wait for Halloween and Thanksgiving.


I can’t believe I haven’t had any posts for the month of August! I have a lot of blog writing to catch up with! I’ve been busy with work! Oh sure, I’ve had some free time, but I preferred spending that time for pastimes other than blogging. Why? Because I work as a web article writer! Imagine writing  for a job then subsequently writing as a stress buster! Writing, writing, writing. I never thought I would get tired of doing it every day. It just goes to show that I need constant change and should therefore do away with a fixed routine.


Working as a web article writer has opened my eyes to the online writing industry. Creating web content can be a very educational experience since you are asked to research on various topics and write an output based on your research. It’s the same as learning and applying what you have learned. I could say that I am quite informed in business marketing and networking, business planning, chiropractic doctor education and licensing, general contractor preparation, hotel marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), music education (guitar, piano, and violin), online learning, the pet sitting business, the photography business, and the tanning salon business, among others.


As a web article writer, I have experienced a feat that I never thought I could accomplish: Writing 50 articles in a week! That’s an average of seven-and-a-half articles per day, with at least 500 words each! Make that more that 25,000 words written in a week! I’ve never written that much in a week of my life! Not written actually; rather, typed—I write or type my articles directly unto the word processor. Imaging writing all those articles long-hand then having to type them afterwards…


All this talk about online writing got me thinking of the phasing out of print media like books, magazines, and newspapers. People can satisfy their reading needs by simply going online, searching for desired topics, and browsing over numerous website resources. There is also the advent of the eBook readers like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s Reader series. But I think it would take a long time before the actual phasing out of print materials. Our generation would have to pass away before this happens. At present, we should just enjoy the feel and satisfaction of snuggling up in bed with lights turned off and reading a good book on hand with the aid of a flashlight. Life’s great when you’re in a wistful mood.


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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

2 thoughts on “Column: I”

    1. Hi Lilli!

      Thanks for visiting this blog!

      25,000 words per week equates to 50 articles per week–that’s 10 articles per working day. That’s the most number of articels that I get to write. The least is five articles per day–25 in a week.

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