Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever Wanted

I got hold of Kelly Clarkson’s fourth studio album, All I Ever Wanted due, to the success of its two singles, My Life Would Suck Without You and I Do Not Hook Up. Upon listening to the whole compilation, I found a more beautiful song that definitely became my favorite among the other tracks, singles included: Cry.

Kelly Clarkson: All I Ever WantedThe song Cry showcases Clarkson’s belting ability and the emotional depth that she can attach to it. Cry is one of those creations where beauty is showcased through sadness.

Other songs that I love are: Don’t Let Me Stop You, Already Gone, If I Can’t Have You, Save You, Whyyawannabringmedown, Impossible, If No One Will Listen, and Tip of My Tongue. Kelly goes with the times and incorporates electronica beats into her pop-rock genre. She also tackles piano-driven tunes like in If No One Will Listen.

With Clarkson’s latest output, she is out to quickly add to her 20 million record sales of past albums. Artistically I still like her previous, highly criticized album, My December. But musically, All I Ever Wanted is great!

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