“You’re such a little girl!”

The immortal words of Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) to Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). Well, if you’ve been caught cheating by your girlfriend with a humanoid transformer that attacks you, prompting your girlfriend to save your ass so you would stop screaming like a crazed woman, then you deserve it.

The transformers? They’ve been here a lonnggg, long time ago.

—Seymour Simmons

Optimus is more fierce in the sequel!
Optimus is more fierce in the sequel!

I was late for the premier of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Well, maybe for just 7-10 minutes, but you never what movie scenes you could miss in that short span of time. I had no idea it would start earlier than the movie theater’s standard opening time. As soon as I was seated and looked at the silver screen, Optimus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) had already jumped off an aircraft carrier, supported by three parachutes. Makes me wonder how light the transformers can be.

The sequel to the 2007 hit, Revenge of the Fallen expands the transformers universe with the introduction of The Fallen (voiced by Tony Todd), one of the seven original Prime Brothers who came to Earth a millennia ago. The Fallen went against his brothers by attempting to convert our sun into an energy source (energon) and to annihilate the human race. To do this, he took possession of the Matrix of Leadership, a “key” that activates a machine (the Sun Harvester) that converts suns into energon. Nonetheless, he was defeated (but not killed), and his brothers sealed the “key” into one of the Egyptian mountains with their own bodies.

"The Fallen shall rise again."
“The Fallen shall rise again.”

The Fallen retreated to one of the moons in Saturn, plotting his vengeance by displacing it on the Earth. He will come back. Now.

Sam, fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing.

—Optimus Prime

Megan Fox is so damn hot!
Megan Fox is so damn hot!

(SPOILER ALERT!) I love this sequel. New members are added to the Autobots and Decepticons. It’s easier to distinguish the bad guys from the good. Optimus engages into his Super Mode form. Megatron (voiced by Hugo Weaving) is resurrected. Optimus Prime dies. Megan Fox is back and is so damn hot and beautiful as ever–most especially when she stripped down her garage clothes to bare her body draped in a white dress with flowers on hand like she was going to marry you. And there are a lot of close-up shots of the transformers (and of course, of Megan Fox). The comedy is still there and it’s more funny with Sam’s nervous breakdown episodes, his stereotypical mom, and the inclusion of the Autobot twins. (Sequels are more funny anyway.) The movie is up-to-date with references to President Barack Obama and the swine (A H1N1) flu. The Autobots have become more fierce in their hunts for the Decepticons, which I love (caution to kids 13 years and below). Every transformer is just badass, crass, crude and wicked!! (A couple of redundancies there.) We also encounter a transformer who takes on a human form (the one Sam messes with). (I have always wondered why transformers choose to take on the forms of human-created vehicles and war crafts instead of as humans.) The movie plot gave me points to ponder on though:

  1. Why did the government conceal the remaining fragments of the AllSpark in an easy to access chamber, ironically calling it a “secure navy base”?
  2. Why haven’t they thought of the fact that this remaining fragment was what the Decepticons were after?
  3. Why hasn’t the military been able to detect the cause of their communication interference, which was the penetration of their military communication satellite by a communication satellite Decepticon?
  4. In the part where Sam is racing to get to Optimus’ body with his companions, why did they have to break up to set a decoy that hasn’t been of much use anyway?

Mind you, I’m not irate. Just pondering aloud. Anyways.

Aside from a misplaced vengeance, Revenge of the Fallen is also built on the premise of the human race coming to terms with living with the Autobots who have taken asylum on Earth. The general public don’t know it yet, but the military forces and the autobots have established a partnership through N.E.S.T., the main objective of which is to track down and destroy the remaining Decepticons on Earth. Aside from that, this sophomore release also tackles the premise that an intergalactic war may have been brought upon the human race because of the autobots. Hurtful as it may be on the autobots, but Optimus Prime seems to accept the idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the third installment of the movie, there would be discrimination against the autobots.

Yes, the Transformers movie franchise is going to be a trilogy. This was apparently confirmed by Shia LaBeouf when he said that the first movie was a local war, the second is a world war, and that the third is going to be intergalactic.

Honestly, if producers Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg follow that route, the third installment would be the most memorable. It’s going to be the final movie–the climax–and it’s intergalactic in nature, a visual eye candy indeed. Provided of course, that they retain the emotional aspects of the issues tackled by the transformers and the humans for depth and sophistication. Now that I think of it, Transformers could follow in the footsteps of Lord of the Rings, depending on how the third movie would come out (although not on the aspect of gross revenue).

La Beouf, in his statement, further added that in the third, someone will, and has to die. My guess? Bumblebee. He’s the closest transformer to Sam and what better way to make it dramatic but to kill off the underdog transformer who has endeared himself not only to Sam, but to the movie fans as well?

Imagine Starscream being this close to you...
Imagine Starscream being this close to you…

These are only presumptions. Who knows? Maybe Mikaela would be the one to die and maybe it wouldn’t be a trilogy–maybe a tetralogy, heptalogy, etc. But I am definite of one thing: the transformers movie franchise would not stop with Revenge of the Fallen. In my experience with the television series, a series would never end unless Megatron would die. I believe Megatron died in the first so that the story could close should the movie flop. But it didn’t. (And anyway, in the first, we saw Starscream retreating to space, which gave hints of a sequel.) And so, with the fall of The Fallen and the rise of Optimus Prime, Megatron is the next to fall.

…sometimes, cowards do survive.


Probably the most striking character in the movie is Jetfire (voiced by Mark Ryan). He’s been turned into a Decepticon-turned-Autobot transformer civil war veteran. He materializes the fact that the transformers also get old and become old-timer. He creaks, his artillery is outdated, and he’s just so funny!

Speaking of old-timers, I saw some senior citizens apparently enjoying the film. Alas! The evidence that the transformers legacy transcends to all generations!

Since I was late, I just ran through the movie for the second time. And, I’ll watch it again tomorrow. I AM addicted to it! 🙂


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One thought on ““You’re such a little girl!””

  1. I thought this movie was the most artrocious thing I’ve ever seen in a long time. Hidious story, completely idiotic characters, ludicrously over the top action that made no sense at times. Dear god, why is michael bay still allowed to make movies?

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