Fate, Love, and Sticky Notes

Last week on GMA-7 saw the culminating episode of one of the most enjoyable dramedies cum soap operas: Fated to Love You.

Fated to Love You

An Asianovela from Taiwan, Fated to Love Youis the story of a pushover office girl (called “Sticky-Note Girls in Taiwan) named Chen Xin Yi (Chen Qiao En) with no grand aspirations and a low self-esteem. In her work, she met a guy who later on became her boyfriend. Consenting to the pressure of fulfilling her boyfriend’s want for sex, she buys two tickets for a cruise with a private room for two. There, she plans to “give herself” to the guy so the he wouldn’t leave her. However, due to a bad headache, dizziness from medication, and a twist of fate, she accidentally sleeps and haves sex with the wrong guy–Ji Cun Xi (Ethan Ruan), the wealthy director of a famous soap and detergent company!

From there begins the funny story of these two entities who were fated to meet, to spend the rest of their lives together.

What I love about the series was its score and/or music and its sound effects. The accompaniment and audio were fitting to the different scenes, dramatic or comedic. The soundtrack was definitely enjoyable. My favorite track would be the instrumental version of Ban Qing Ge(English: Half of A Love Song) by Yuan Ruo Lan. Hearing it would give one a bittersweet feeling.

The show was absolutely funny thanks to secondary characters who composed most of the comical scenes. Aside from humour, it also packs a balanced amount of light and serious drama that at times made me cry so hard. The most notable episode for this would be episode 12. There are some parts, however, that were unnecessary and at times I deemed insignificant. The ending was not that spectacular due to over intricateness but otherwise, I would miss this series.


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