I’m Coming Back!

I have created three blogs under three blog hosts.

My very latest post among all these three blogs was dated 1 December 2008–that’s four months ago.

*sigh!* Sustaining a blog can be a demanding undertaking. I intended it to be a leisure pursuit—an outlet for creative and expressive writing. In June 2008, I started two blogs: Flick Scribbles (with WordPress.com) and Whimsical Scribe (with Blogger). [The third one, Whimsical Heart (with Friendster’s blogging service), was started in November 2006]. Just a few months after starting these blogs, I discovered that blogging has become a thorn on my side, I suddenly felt it obligatory to post current articles as soon as I could, thus putting me under stress (which depletes fat reserves in the body). Hmm … I never knew that blogging could be a good method of losing weight …

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