I Was An Usher

19 April 2009 (Sunday)

It was late in the afternoon when my cousin visited. A nurse in Dubai, she came home almost a week ago for her church wedding with her civil husband on Saturday, the 25th. She handed the fragrant, ribbon-detailed invitation program adorned in shades and tints of pink and fuschia; with all letterings embossed. She asked me to be an usher at the church, to which I gladly obliged.

21 April 2009 (Tuesday)

I realized I needed a new pair of black slacks and a pair of black leather shoes. I got them.

24 April 2009 (Friday)

In the afternoon, we had a dry run of the church activities for the next day. It was raining buckets so I arrived at the church in a sloppy state. I saw my cousins whom I haven’t seen for a couple of years now. We catched up on each other–what has happened, what was new, what was going on with life, and what’s going to happen in the future. Since the wedding would start at 8:00AM, I was told to be at the church by 7:30PM.

25 April 2009 (Saturday)

I was the first usher to arrive. I was on time. The corsages, bouquets, and wedding accessories are not yet in.
It was 10 minutes to 8:00AM and the accessories haven’t arrived yet. The sponsors were getting assembled–all without corsages.

At 8:00AM, the accessories arrived and we all got to work. It was a busy time but after 30 minutes, the procession started. Everything was usually fine, the wedding proceeded without any objections, and finally ended with a kiss.

At last, they are able to take their vows in front of GOD in the witness of man as usband and wife.

Its been more than a year since the civil wedding. My cousin looked beautiful then. I wasn’t able to attend the wedding per se, I only got to the reception. Back then, I couldn’t believe that the cousin in my family circle would start her own family circle. As an only child, I look to my cousins as sibling-figures. Occasionally, we would visit each other, play, eat together, have fun; do just everything like normal brothers and sisters. Things change.

I stood along the sides, watching the newly wedded couple, knowing that there would be no more visiting, playing, and eating together. Maybe someday, we would exchange places–they would take my place in the sides, while I would be the one enjoying the moment of my matrimony–a bind with your heart’s puzzle.

Our Vow,
You are my lover and my teacher,
You are my friend and accomplice,
And you are my true counterpart.
I will love you, hold you, and honor you,
I will respect you, encourage you, and cherish you,
In health and sickness,
Through sorrow and success,
For all the days of my life . . . . completely and forever.

Congratulations to ate Carol and kuya Lyndon!!

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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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