Rain, Rain… Damn It! I Thought I Told You to Go Away!

This is ridiculous.

I’m on a jeepney (a public transport vehicle in the Philippines) in the middle of a light drizzle on a Tuesday afternoon along Magsaysay Road, Baguio City when suddenly, heavy drops of rain begin to fall. I didn’t have an umbrella. Within minutes, the street was flooded with muddy water. Apparently, the highway drainage system wasn’t adequate enough against the splish-splashing water. I was clean and dry in my favorite clothing. “This is ridiculous,” I repeated in my mind.

This is really ridiculous.

I thought about it. It’s summertime already here in the Philippines. It’s supposed to be a time of warm weather, perspiration, heat strokes, mosquito bites, and scantily clad females. Not overcast gray skies, heavy rains, wet clothes, and beach umbrellas used (supposedly against harsh UV rays) as protection from the rain. They say the same thing every time I turn the television to the weather report: “…cloudy skies with occasional rains brought about by the ITCZ or the Intertropical Convergence Zone…” or “…cloudy skies with afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms…”. I don’t usually listen to the weather report in the summer, knowing that the days would be bright and sunny. It is only now that I have to, so as to avoid situations like this. My only hope is that I could get out of the house and stay out for as long as I want without ever having to lug an umbrella around just in case it rained. As I struggled to accept the situation I was in, the rain got stronger and stronger. I was fast approaching my destination.

This is really, really ridiculous!

Sunny shines in the morning, rains in the afternoon. The Philippines has two seasons: dry and rainy. The dry season usually occurs from December to April. The rainy season is from May to November. Additionally, the western part of the Philippines regularly experience these two seasons, while the eastern part have no true dry season. Though my place is in the eastern part, I still expect a lot of sunny days during this time. I remember when I was a kid, April 1st would signal the start of summer. It would be very hot then that heatwaves were visibly seen everywhere. I hardly see heatwaves now.

Warm and dry in the morning, cold and wet in the afternoon. That would explain my weekly respiratory tract disorders. My body fails to adapt to the constant change of temperature in a day. So with most people. Passengers blowing their noses in public transport vehicles, people sneezing from the back of elevators, diners at the table beside yours coughing with phlegm then obviously swallowing it afterwards, and people walking opposite you throwing their sputum everywhere. And I thought cough and colds were common during December.

A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary on climate change on GMA-7 titled Signos. As of now, a meter of water has been added to the Earth’s water systems. That would explain why shorelines in the Philippines have markedly reduced to a fraction of what it used to be. A researcher said that the Earth is just getting hotter and hotter, polar ice caps are melting fast, water levels are rising, and rain brings down more water than ever before. If global warming continues, an additional six meters of water levels would be added to our water systems. That six meters could leave the lower parts of the Philippines like Metro Manila submerged. Good thing I’m in the high lands. 😀 But seriously, this is an alarming bit of information. No more lands to walk on, constant rains all through the year, no summer.

Global warning. Climate change. These phenomenon have brought about this irritating situation I am in. But the human race is mostly to blame. Since the introduction of furnace factories in the Industrial Revolution, the Earth has began to sizzle. CFCs were introduced. Chemicals evaporated into the atmosphere. We burn and incinerate. Humans are at fault. Humans are to blame for what I am going through.

Note to self: Always remind self that you are also a human being.

Okay, here’s my stop. Take a dash for the nearest shelter, take a cab, and get out of the rain.

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