Alien-Busting Monsters

Alien Problem? Monster Solution.

This was the tag line for the first movie I’ve watched on the big screen for almost five months: Monster’s Vs. Aliens. I was compelled to see it on the silver screen with much nagging from television-released trailers and promos. I found the blue gooey guy on the trailers quite interesting–and I was right!

The gooey guy, named B.O.B., an acronym for Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzonate (voiced by Seth Rogen), was my favorite monster among the lot. He was originally a genetically-altered tomato, injected with a serum of some kind. He has no brain, but has one eye. How he perceives what he sees without the aid of a brain, I can’t figure out. He eats anything and you could see his body digesting food material through his blue transparent body. Nonetheless, he provides a fun stereotype to the monster gang.

B.O.B.: My favorite among the characters.
B.O.B.: My favorite among the characters.

Susan Murphy, aka Ginormica (voiced by Reese Witherspoon), is the lone female of the group (and may well be the very main protagonist of the movie). Originally a blond, she has the most unfortunate monster experience when, on her wedding day, she was hit by a meteor bearing quantonium material. The material apparently mutates her by first changing her hair color to white, then making her grow to an enormous size bigger than the church she was to be wedded in. Her fiance’s perception towards her changed since then. *ouch!* Next is Dr. Cockroach, Ph.D. (voiced by Hugh Laurie), an obvious mad scientist although he denies it. In an attempt to incorporate the longevity of a cockroach’s life into the human life, he experiments on himself, thus giving him an exaggerated cockroach head and some instincts of the insect (like eating anything/garbage). Moving on, we have The Missing Link (voiced by Will Arnett). As evidenced by his name, he is the bond that links humans to fishes (weird!); a prehistoric fish-ape hybrid. He’s of the inflated ego type who likes to think of himself as invincible, though he passes out on most of his fights. Lastly, we have Insectosaurus who is voiced by Conrad Vernon. That’s an understatement since he is the only one in the group who doesn’t talk, although he shares a closeness with The Missing Link. Originally a small ladybug, he mutated into a 350-foot tall monster (even bigger that Ginormica) after exposure to nuclear radiation. He dies in the middle of the film but gets resurrected into a weird butterfly, and somehow, becomes female (kind of). Talk about a metamorphosis of a lady bug to a butterfly. But these are monsters, anyway.

The antagonist is Gallazhar (voiced by Rainn Wilson). In search of the quantonium material, he comes to earth with an aim to take over it. Accordingly, he suffered a lot of abuse from his own planet: his wife, his family and friends; so he destroyed his planet and plans to rebuild it on earth with clones of himself. He has a computer voiced by Amy Poehler.

The film was simply fantastic. It’s like watching The Incredibles only, the superheroes are the foes of the usual superheroes. I’m glad B.O.B. was included to provide comic relief. He was quite simply, adorable. Definitely thumbs up, and I do hope a sequel is in the works!

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