I’m Coming Back!

I have created three blogs under three blog hosts.

My very latest post among all these three blogs was dated 1 December 2008–that’s four months ago.

*sigh!* Sustaining a blog can be a demanding undertaking. I intended it to be a leisure pursuit—an outlet for creative and expressive writing. In June 2008, I started two blogs: Flick Scribbles (with WordPress.com) and Whimsical Scribe (with Blogger). [The third one, Whimsical Heart (with Friendster’s blogging service), was started in November 2006]. Just a few months after starting these blogs, I discovered that blogging has become a thorn on my side, I suddenly felt it obligatory to post current articles as soon as I could, thus putting me under stress (which depletes fat reserves in the body). Hmm … I never knew that blogging could be a good method of losing weight …

Suddenly, I took a contractual job from November to December as a recruitment assistant for a contact center company. Additional stress, additional weight loss. Then again, there was a decrease in the number of posts on my blogs during those months. Heck, Flick Scribbles had only one post for the month of December—the one dated December 1st.

It wasn’t fair. You finally stumbled on a means to creative expression—in exchange for the responsibility to keep it updated a number of times a week, for every week, for every month, for every year! I felt it a bother to continue my blogs, even after my contractual employment. I was lazy and had a mild case of writer’s block (Oh please!) so I thought of just leaving it lying around. Still, the number of visits to my blogs grew everyday and comments kept coming in. How could I be ungrateful of the attention blog readers provided my blogs?

I figured I like blogging, no matter how lazy I am or how severe my writer’s block was.

I rearranged my life. It took me about five months but now, I feel I could handle blogging more efficiently, keeping it separate from the regular course of my life. I would stick to one blog—and that’s it, that’s final. I would just import all the posts I’ve made into my latest blog: this one, Scribe’s Express (now renamed What Recis Writes). I would make sure blogging would remain as what I perceived it to be: A pastime. I don’t care what they say, if I feel like writing, I would; if not, the hell with it! I would never allow myself to be stressed with blogging. Now there goes a weight loss idea.

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Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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