Moving From Madagascar to Africa

As I now have a craving for animated films, I hit the theater to experience another fun-filled adventure with Universal Picture’s Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa.

Note: This post is way too late, I know. Madagascar 2 has already been showing for almost a month but I only got the time NOW to post this. Sorry!

The poster for the movie.
The poster for the movie.

This sequel stars the same characters and voice actors to the popular 2005 film. It starts with a baby lion cub named Alakay, son of the king of the jungle, Zuba. Zuba plays with his son but at some point, neglects Alakay who becomes captured by poachers. Zuba catches the poachers but is unable to retrieve Alakay. In the course of the chase, Alakay’s crate falls into a river connected to the sea. The crate drifts to New York city where he becomes an instant sensation in the Central Park zoo. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the story of the origin of Alex.

We are now moved to the present where Madagascar ended. Alex, Marty (the zebra), Melman (the Giraffe), and Gloria (the Hippo), (along with King Julian and Maurice) are boarding an airplane that will bring them back to New York. The airplane is to be launched with the aid of a giant slingshot and to be piloted by the infamous “Madagascar penguins”. In the course of their flight, they gently crash land with parachutes in a wildlife reserve in Africa.

The gang crash lands in Africa.
The gang crash lands in Africa.

Since they are in their homeland, it is fairly obvious that their fated landing would count up to the reunion of Alex and his parents. Alex is then catapulted as the next heir to the throne–however, Zuba’s nemesis, Makunga, manages a plan to get rid of Alex and his family. Add to that all the personal dilemmas being faced by Marty, Melman, and Gloria.

I should say that Madagascar 2 is referencing the storyline of The Lion King. It’s that age-old story of a lost lion cub, then he returns to claim his throne, but only after eliminating a notorious plot against him by his father’s enemy. I felt like watching another lion king flick. But the “Madagascar” element is there–funnier and better than the last! And with the return of “the old lady,” Madagascar‘s comedy gets slackier and more fun!

At some point, I realized that the movie has an inobvious campaign for the preservation of nature. It clearly illustrated the effects of man’s manipulation of the ecosystem, and (unlike in Happy Feet) effectively pulls out the story without being swayed or distracted.

This Madagascar sequel has truly reinforced my love for these characters, most especially the penguins. Imagine my excitement when I heard that they were going to make a movie just for those four penguins! Yee-hey!!!

The penguins are in disguise...chee...
The penguins are in disguise…chee…

Even with all the trouble that the whole gang faced, the story ended up fine with a funny wedding and with the lions dancing in the sunset (reference: the lion sleeps tonight). I’ll be anticipating the next sequel.

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