My Three Servings of Pie

Just within the month, I thought of trying to watch the hugely popular original American Pie trilogy once again. In the past, I have failed to get through the said movies, even just through the first installment. Let’s just say I was too young for it back then and felt offended by it.

While typing this entry, I assumed you have already watched the trilogy (including the spin-offs) so you are then more acquainted with it than I am. What an embarrassment for me.

Nevertheless, go on and read how my reactions to the movies in this trilogy by clicking the “Continue reading” link.

American Pie theatrical poster.
American Pie theatrical poster.

So there it went. I did enjoy American Pie but felt too cheesy for it, thinking I should have watched it when I was in high school; not now when I have already finished college. I actually felt too old to watch it. Never-mind. It’s raunchy yet funny take on four high school senior boys who wish to lose their virginity before graduation make me exclaim, “…teenagers…” while simultaneously rolling my eyes. But even though, I was inclined to watch the two following sequels.

Judging from the short length of the first movie, I would guess that the producers didn’t expect American Pie to be a big hit, prompting them to span two sequels with longer durations. Thankfully the sequels were just as good or even better than the first.

American Pie 2 theatrical poster.
American Pie 2 theatrical poster.

Now American Pie 2 was something I could relate to. It focused on the summer vacation of the four guys after their first year in college. This installment of the trilogy is my personal favorite since the central character, the clumsy and perverted Jim, starts a relationship with the ultimately sweet but unassuming Michelle. My kind of stereotype characters. 🙂

American Pie: The Wedding theatrical poster.
American Pie: The Wedding theatrical poster.

Then, there was American Pie: The Wedding, also titled American Wedding. I must say, the opening scene was hilarious. It was a well-told story, an anticipated ending yet still with twists (like Steve Stifler’s change of heart). The only disappointment here would be the absence of Oz and Heather. Frankly, these two are my favorite characters (aside from Jim and Michelle). But anyway, things change.

And that’s how it was. I was able to view a trilogy that took five years to complete in just within a week, probably one or two days apart. All thanks to VCDs. I realized that if I never tried to watch the series, I would never know such characters like the dweeby and embarrassing Noah Levenstein (i.e., Jim’s dad); Paul Finch, the god of tantric sex, and his object of desire, Jeanine Stifler; the weird Sherminator; and the foreign-exchange-beauty, Nadia.

Well, I guess I’d better move on to the spin-offs…


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