Lightspeed Disappoints

The next film I rented was entitled Stan Lee’s Lightspeed. If you remember, Stan Lee was the creator of superhero favorites: Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Iron Man, and Daredevil. I rented it thinking it was an unknown superhero along the lines of those previously stated. And with Stan Lee’s name with it, I thought it was a great superhero movie. I mean, superhero movies have the premise of a devastating past, a revolting present, and a hope-filled future. This time, I was wrong.

Lightspeed, at first look, makes you think that it was filmed in the 1980’s, with cinematography matching that of Superman: The Movie (1978). But if you’ll look again, the culture (i.e.: houses, buildings, cars, etc) resemble what we have today. And so, I checked the Internet to find out when this film was actually shot: 2006. 😮

That was one twist I didn’t expect. I mean, with today’s film technology, I didn’t expect this movie (and a superhero one at that) to have low-rate filmography. It honestly looks like it was done in the 1980’s! The story was original but I found it parallel to that of The Flash. I actually think this character was created to match the DC Comics character. It was a disappointment, considering the fancy image on the video’s cover. 😦

Poster/video case cover. Note: Looks can be deceiving. He's really not that buffed up in the actual movie.


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