Hanging On to Life Support

I’m pretty disappointed with the non-showing of Disaster Movie in my locality. Fortunately, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 was screened but I opted to watch it when the video comes out. With my disappointment and growing boredom, I decided to rent out some videos to watch.

First on the list is Life Support starring Queen Latifah. I wouldn’t have rented this one if Queen Latifah wasn’t in the lead. I simply love her portrayal of characters in the movies she has been in!

Life Support

Life Supportis a story about the life of Ana Walace. Ana was diagnosed as HIV positive 11 years ago. She contacted the disease by “shooting” cocaine with her boyfriend. Now, she devotes her time to an AIDS outreach group, Life Support. At the same time, she tries to reach out to her daughter and fix their relationship after losing custody over her due to drug addiction.

The movie wasn’t a tear-jerker for me, but it pulled out beautifully. Latifah is a great actress and this movie is a perfect outlet to show her prowess. The story is great hands-down, since it was based on a real-life story. The scenes are simple yet possess artistic depth. It was satisfying and I would recommend it for your drama-viewing list.

Evan Ross as Amare (right) and Queen Latifah as Ana Walace.
Evan Ross as Amare (right) and Queen Latifah as Ana Walace.

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