A Musical for the Silver Screen

I have often wondered how my life would have been now if I have chosen a different degree four years ago. Would I be satisfied with what I have finished? Would I be happy? Would I be regretful for not choosing this and those, doing this and that, going here and there… the list goes on and on. These questions are probably those that a student graduating from high school would have to consider. And, these are the same difficult questions a college graduate would have to find the answers to… or probably would never find the answers to.

Such thoughts provoked by High School Musical 3: Senior Year, the third and final installment to the hugely successful television movie series.

The graduating cast of High School Musical.
The graduating cast of High School Musical.

Graduation is both an ending and a new beginning and blah blah blah, so we’ve heard from graduation speeches. In the case of the movie, this is where our high school musical theater artists are headed. They face issues that everybody will and have encountered, mainly that confusing stage between pre-graduation and before college. It would seem that your life depends on the choices that you make in this period. This baffles our whole cast (except maybe Sharpay Evans who seems to have gotten it all figured out), most especially Gabriella Montez. Gabriella feels the pressure of having to make choices at once and wishes that “everything would just stop” so one could find out what he/she wants to do. But as Troy Bolton says, everything goes fast, that graduation would eventually come and you could not do anything to stop it. Though Troy displays maturity at the subject, he too is baffled by choices that he has to make (considering his father’s choices and doing things he’s comfortable at doing) and the fact that he and Gabriella would have to go to different universities. I guess that’s just how life goes, whether we like it or completely dislike it at all. It goes so fast that you can’t stop and go over your choices and/or do some soul-searching. As a matter-of-fact, others make choices based on their parent’s desires, or worse, choose the wrong ones simply because they are too young to know what they want to do. But in the words of Ms. Darbus, “…better to make your choices now rather than 10 years later where life has already limited your choices.”

And limited choices did life give me. I guess I was too naive to go and choose something that most people would choose. I never had the inkling to pursue my interest, things that make me, me. But it may not still be too late. I mean, it’s just four years since my high school graduation… 😀 But seriously, I would say that the difference between high school and college graduation lies in your satisfaction. Upon graduating from high school, you feel a sense of achievement. On the other hand, upon graduating from college, you feel like you made the wrong choice and wish you go turn back time and choose what you really wanted to become. Unless you do like what you chose or maybe learned to love your wrong choice. You can’t feel dissatisfaction from high school because basically, you take general education from it, just like primary school, only higher. That’s why it’s called high school. 🙂

Ranting aside, High School Musical 3 lived up to its television versions and more (although I was expecting a more extravagant scene for thier prom, and a sneak-peak at their school yearbook). With extravagant musical numbers packed with dazzling sets and costumes, breath-taking dances and choreography, and hip upbeat tunes; and soul-stirring life lessons accentuated by pop music and duets; this final installment ends the series on a fulfilling note. My personal favorites in here would be the waltz numbers of Troy and Gabriella: one atop East High School’s Rooftop Garden and two, in a secluded park at Stanford University where they had their so-called prom dance. The song that they sang in those numbers (Can I Have This Dance) is also my favorite among the roster of songs in the movie. Truly, Disney has outdone itself again. When you do watch it, wait until the credits are over; the winner of High School Musical: Get In the Picture gets a feature. Also in the credits is a collage of the cast from the very first installment of the trilogy to the most recent. You would notice that Corbin Bleu really grew up!

Postscript: Along with the screening of High School Musical 3, are three trailers of Disney movies that have caught my attention: Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Bedtime Stories, and Bolt. Watch out for them!


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