Two Kids

It’s been quite a long time since I made a new post for this blog. My apologies. I found no interest in the mid-August to mid-September movies recently shown here in my locality. Then at last, just last week, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army finally opened here in the Philippines. Adding to that was Journey to the Center of the Earthbeing finally being shown here in Baguio City when it was actually screened all around the Philippines months ago. That is one trouble that a movie freak such as myself faces: Delayed screening dates lasting for at least two months. But at least they were still screened for the local’s enjoyment. Only thing is, I’ve already read the plot synopsis of Hellboy II on Wikipedia. Talk about spoilers.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army theatrical poster.
Hellboy II: The Golden Army theatrical poster.

It was in the late afternoon of Last Friday that I got the privilege of being reunited with Hellboy (aka Red), Abe Sapien (aka Blue) and Liz Sherman (aka Fire Lady?). Joining them is the infamous gas-man (ectoplasmic being, actually), Johann Krauss. Their adventure, this time, extends beyond the standard supernatural (the spiritual kind). They now face the supernaturals of the earth (as in the case of Lord of the Rings, the beings of Middle Earth): dwarfs, trolls, and tooth fairies. It’s a good diversion actually, which adds richness to the central story plot of Hellboy. Additional characters would be the golden army itself which resembles the primitive iron man. Supporting characters are much more vibrant in this installment, as well as the effects, costumes, and make-up. The opening sequence was in CGI, more like the clay-like animation. With Del Toro at the director’s seat, Hellboy brought a refreshing experience combining goth, art, and fantasy.

Golden Armypresents the vulnerability of the characters: Hellboy and Liz in marital disputes, Abe Sapien falling in love, Hellboy and Abe Sapien getting drunk (???), those kinds of things. We get to see a school-aged Hellboy. Also, the superheroes at long last get to be in the spotlight of being famous (at Hellboy’s constant urging, anyway). But in the end, Hellboy realizes that the celebrity status is not always a dream to die for.

Watching the film gave me an impression of being a cross between Pan’s Labyrinth and Harry Potter. The mythical characters belong to Pan’s Labyrinth and the abodes of these characters, such as the Troll Market, belonging to Harry Potter. But what makes it original is it IS a superhero movie with out-of-this-world superheroes. All in all, a satisfying second installment, with a possible third.

In case you were wondering, I titled this post “Two Kids” due to the fact that Liz is ‘gonna have two babies. Guess who’s the father?

Abe Sapien: My favorite Hellboy character.
Abe Sapien: My favorite Hellboy character.

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