This would be my first post about a Filipino film. Frankly, I don’t get attracted to the numerous Filipino films because of the acting. The actors actually portray their roles but maybe because of the director’s urging, their acting gets out of hand. In Filipino terms, OA: overacting. A second reason why I seldom watch Filipino movies is because of the plot. In the Philippine movie industry, a certain plot gets recycled over and over until the public reaches the brink of barfing it all out. Third, the very fact that a Philippine movies usually takes four months at the least to make, discourages me from seeing it. Sure, it is cost-effective, but the film’s quality is compromised. Generally, a film should take a year at the least in the making. Also, I wish up-to-date special effects would be employed. No offense, but I’m more of the special effects type of movie-watcher.

And so, there I go, ranting about my native’s movie industry. It’s disappointing, really. Despite that, I see a gradual upgrade in the industry since the advent of digital film-making at the turn of the millennium. Story-writers are also getting to be independent in their writing in the sense that they don’t just innovate foreign story plots, they create their own original stories.

With these ideas in mind, I found it difficult to watch recent Filipino flicks such as A Very Special Love and For the First Time. Maybe because I don’t usually watch cheesy romantic stories. He! He! But then, I.T.A.L.Y. (I Trust And Love You) was released. A dramedy about OFWs, specifically those working on a ship. It’s got a love story within, but I still went to see it, figuring I could ignore the cheesy love-sweet scenes and all. But I found out that the supposed love story wasn’t exactly there. It came out as a twist in the end, which in my opinion, was the best that could turn out since the stars, Jolina Magdangal and Dennis Trillo didn’t exactly have a good chemistry. I found the comedy great, not much slapstick, but more on the dialogue. It was a good watch, a feel-good movie so to say. I also got to travel around the three continents and five countries and numerous cities where it was filmed. The scenic attractions were positively breathtaking. I thought it could have used a bit more clean-up, but it was still okay. If ever you get news of it being shown in your locality, please consider it. Sorry if I don’t have an image of its poster, I can’t find one on the net. 🙂


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