Where Reality Is

When it comes to pets, I’m always divided between cats and dogs. Cats are aloof, mysterious, reserved, and classy in a way–traits that I admire in them. Dogs, although messy and gross, can be playful when you need to release excess energy. Aside from that, they’re loyal and protective. Plus, both have cuuuuuuute offspring!

But enough cat-dog talk. Let’s talk about their equally cute comic counterparts: Garfield and Odie.

Garfield and Odie in their new adventure.
Garfield and Odie in their new adventure.

Garfield Gets Real is a CGI direct-to-video film about everyone’s (well, almost) favorite tubby tabby. In this latest flick, Garfield, in the comic world, gets bored of  a rather monotonous everyday routine of having to “shoot comic strips” (the same as shooting a film). On one particular day, while previewing comic strips, Garfield discovers a hole which leads to the real world (our world), and goes through it. He is instantly transformed into a real-world cat (although, there are no obvious physical differences) who acts like a boiling tea kettle after ingesting “real” food. Meanwhile, due to his love for a certain bone which also gets into the real world, Odie follows suit. Garfield and Odie are thus trapped in the real world–there is no way back to the comic world due to the pressure exerted by the comic world. Since Garfield is out of the comic world, his comic strip stops production, thus putting himself and Odie in danger of being replaced by muscular (and unappealing) dogs. Will Garfield be able to prevent a career take-over? Will he and Odie be able to get back into the comic world before it’s too late? And lastly, will Odie finally discover an effective way of hiding his newfound bone from a nerdy props man and a bunch of eye-popping chihuahuas? Check out this video and see if really REALLY IS where the heart is…


Published by

Recis Dempayos

Budding YouTuber / vlogger, occasional blogger, aspiring multimedia artist.

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