What Up Dawg?: How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business by Randy Jackson

To take a break from novels, I decided to buy a book with a different nature—either a how-to book, or an informative one. Well, I got hold of American Idol judge, Randy Jackson’s What Up Dawg?: How to Become a Superstar in the Music Business at a book sale. I felt like a fool but I still bought it (cautiously, so people wouldn’t see the title.

I have an ambition to become a singing star—a recording artist or a musical theater actor. Music has been one of my constant driving forces to get up and go through life, and if permitted, I would like to pursue it as a career. I thought hey, maybe this book could give me insights on the music business, how to start a career on it, and how to make it progress.

This book possesses valuable insight on the music business, although it is more suited for the American music scene. However, invaluable lessons could be picked up from this paperback, which could be used in any country’s music business. The ideals and technicalities are here, so as questions for thought and reflection, what it takes to become a superstar, and what is the “itness” that one has to possess to become that superstar. Mr. Jackson also gives his own tips and sermons for people like me who dream of being a singer/musician. He also gives his account of how he started his music career, then relates it to the reader as a guide or example of how to get it all started. It also has interviews with people whom Mr. Jackson has worked with, with their insights, inspirational stories, and personal advice for dreamers.

After reading, I still felt a lot of questions unanswered but it was okay since the lessons this book gave are things that an aspiring singer could use all throughout his music career. All-in-all, this book, is a good read—a melting pot of inspiration, motivation, instruction, and information.

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