“Always, Always, Always the Bridesmaid”

With Katherine Heigl as Jane Nichols, the “always a bridesmaid” character for a whopping 27 times, 27 Dresses delivers lite comedy that never bores and inspires a perspective on how life should be lived.

The theatrical poster.
The theatrical poster.

There have been times when I felt an emotion of uncertainty as to what I should be doing in life–I didn’t know what my purpose is and I am confused as to what career path to take. I am confused because I know what I want, but it would seem that what I want is something so distant and was never meant to be. It’s one of those times where I ask, “Will I get what I want and will I want what I get?” It can be very perplexing looking for your life’s purpose especially if you have decided on what you want to be.

Unlike Jane Nichols, she has found what she was meant to be: a bridesmaid–a crusader for the beautiful act of matrimony. She has also found the man that she would like to spend the rest of her life with. But one day, her younger sister comes to visit her and easily snags her dream man easily. Devastated, she reverts to her bridesmaid and wedding-planner duties, letting herself be absorbed in her work. But with the enlightenment of a certain wedding columnist, she realizes that she has been throwing her life away for so long, and that she too, deserves to be.

I guess that is what each and every one on this planet desires: to be happy. For me, I associate happiness with doing that one thing that you were supposed to do in life–if you ever find it. This is why I envy those who discover and want the things that they were meant to be doing. But who knows? Maybe what I have been looking for is just around, and I’ve been blind all these times. But even so, I will go with my gut feeling. Maybe I’ve been right all along. Life decisions are so full of “maybes.” Good thing for Jane, who not once said a maybe.


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