Cinderella Monogatari

Along with 08-08-08 is the end episode of an anime that I’ve been watching since day one: Cinderella Monogatari.

Cinderella MonogatariThis television anime series is based on the classic Cinderella story with a few alterations. Cinderella came from a wealthy family, her father didn’t die (he just went someplace, like a businessman of some sort), she had a fairy godmother watching over her since the very start… well, those among others. She still had her stepmother and stepsisters, but they weren’t exactly that evil. They just thought highly of themselves compared to Cinderella. Oh, and the prince was a happy-go-lucky guy who dressed up in plain civilian clothing (whenever he wanted) which made him an ordinary citizen who strolls the streets. You could call it his “past-time.” And one day, guess who meets who? Prince Leonard (as a civilian) and Cinderella. They eventually become best friends throughout the series. Talk about a love story!

Prince Leonard
Prince Leonard

The only misgiving I have here is the fact that Cinderella and everyone in the series wasn’t able to recognize the prince in his civillian attire. I mean, in the real world, dressing up as someone else wouldn’t make you a different person. You’d have to disguise your face as well. But I think what gave the prince an easy way to disguiose himself was the fact that almost everyone in the kingdom didn’t know what he looked like. Oh well, it is an animated series. Anything is possible in the fictional world. And I did enjoy it.

... lived happily ever after!
… lived happily ever after!

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5 thoughts on “Cinderella Monogatari”

  1. I wish there will be cinderella monogatari volume 2 because I love the show so much, I still wanted more. If there is anyone who knows more about the anime, please share it to me how I wish there will be no ending…

  2. Ik heb de tekenfilmserie over Cinderella Monogatari nooit gezien in het verleden en kwam het puur toevallig op het spoor via internet. Ik had al een vermoeden dat er na de Disneyfilm uit 1950 over Assepoester een langere tekenfilmversie over bestond, net zoals het geval was met Peter Pan. Het verhaal begint en eindigt bijna op dezelfde manier als in het oude verhaal. Assepoester die (na de verdwijning van haar vader) slecht wordt behandeld door haar stiefmoeder en -zusters, alleen een hond, muizen en vogels als vrienden heeft, keihard moet werken in huis, uit de ellende wordt gehaald door haar peettante (een fee) en een wonderschone prins leert kennen. Alleen is Assepoester in deze serie véél avontuurlijker, deelt ze alle ellende met haar vrienden en vijanden, leert ze prins Charles geleidelijk aan kennen, komt de fee haar soms te hulp maar wat ik veel leuker vindt is dat Assepoester door boeven wordt ontvoerd die haar over de schouder nemen of haar handen op haar rug vastbinden! Dat maakt deze mooie en goedhartige jongedame véél leuker want na Peter Pan is Assepoester bij mij het meest geliefste sprookje!

    Translation (by Google Translate):
    I have the cartoon series about Cinderella Monogatari never seen in the past and it was purely by chance on the track over the Internet. I had a suspicion that after the Disney movie from 1950 about Cinderella cartoon version of a longer existed, as was the case with Peter Pan. The story begins and ends almost in the same way as in the old story. Cinderella (after the disappearance of her father) is poorly treated by her stepmother and sisters, only one dog, mice and birds and has friends, hard to work at home, out of the misery brought by her godmother (a fee) and a wonderful prince to know. Cinderella in this series alone is more adventurous, they share the misery with her friends and enemies, they will learn gradually to know Prince Charles, the fairy comes to help her sometimes but what I find more fun is that Cinderella is kidnapped by thugs on her the shoulder or her hands on her back tie! That makes this beautiful and kind-hearted young lady much more fun because after Peter Pan Cinderella story with me the most geliefste!

  3. hi! i was just wondering where are you able to watch the videos of cinderella monogatari? i’ve been looking for them for a looooong time. anyway, thanks! 🙂

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