Christina Aguilera is Beautiful (…and Live in the UK)

After years of searching and waiting, I was able to get hold of Christina Aguilera’s concert DVD of her Stripped Concert Tour. Entitled Stripped Live in the UK, the DVD showcases Aguilera’s boombastic theatrical-style concert show in  Wembley Arena, London, where it was a certified sold-out show.

The copy that I had, was slightly different from the original concert DVD that I have read about. I guess it was a re-release. But, even though, it still had the documented concert, plus bonus features (although the features, in my opinion were slightly altered from the original).

Front cover of the DVD.
Front cover of the DVD.

The show is somewhat a visual experience of Aguilera’s sophomore album, Stripped. Like in the studio album, it starts with the Stripped Intro Part 1, a video feature. Afterwards, the stage screen rips off with electrifying effects to introduce Aguilera and her dancers with Dirrty, then Get Mine, Get Yours. The lights turn down andon again to reveal Christina in a black leather trench coat, where she sings The Voice Within, after giving a welcoming and inspirational message. The rest of the numbers are: Genie in a Bottle (with an Indian-Rock remix), Can’t Hold Us Down, Contigo En La Distancia/Falsas Esperanzas, Infatuation, Come On Over Baby (All I Want is You) (which was rendered in an infectious acoustic version), Cruz, Loving Me 4 Me (another video play), Impossible, At Last (a cover song originally by Etta James), Lady Marmalade, Walk Away, Fighter, Stripped Intro Part 2 (the final video of the show), What A Girl Wants, and an encore, Beautiful. The special features are mostly interviews of: Christina on her album, the tour, and on the questions asked by her fans; her team of musicians, dancers, choreographer, make-up artist, and costume designer. Also included is a bus tour and Donatella Versace’s comment on the show, among others. The show was breathtaking and visually appealing, although I just watched it on a small screen.

My personal favorite part of the show was her live rendition of Cruz. I have heard the studio version and I must say, Aguilera does sound great when she sings live. I believe the reason for this is when she sings live, her “soul” overflows more, and the song sounds more genuine and full of passion or emotion. Cruz aside, all the songs were showstoppers with original choreography and arrangements. I just wish they hadn’t edited out the rap portion of What A Girl Wants. I saw it on YouTube and I liked it as part of the song. But all in all, this concert DVD is a great bonus to any concert collection!


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