Sex Comedy Musical–Penguin’s Love

Love like those of penguins...
Love like those of penguins…

Good Luck Chuck stars Dane Cook as the unfortunately cursed Dr. Charlie Logan (aka Chuck), and Jessica Alba as the disastrous Cam Wexler. A sex comedy at the least, since most scenes are purely sweet or just plain, good, old slapstick comedy (horny at times, though); but still a sex comedy.

Opening in the year 1985, Chuck, as a child, was cursed by a 10-year old occult-wannabee after being denied of a first time quickie in a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven (which resembles the Truth or Dare game). The curse was that whenever he would meet a girl, they would fall in love, go out, and have sex. But then, the girl would leave him and the next guy the girl meets would be the one she would marry. Seems like a happy ending, no?

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Sex Comedy Musical–My Most Watched Genres

All throughout my movie-watching years, I have developed a fondness for movie musicals. It is a film genre where instead of watching musical theater plays on stage, you watch it on screen. i have always been appreciative of movie musicals, especially if it was a famous stage musical play since I have never been able to see an actual stage play (although I have seen taped versions of several stage plays). 

Aside from movie musicals, I also have this unforeseen fondness for sex comedies. Unforeseen because I wasn’t fond of them before. I guess it just developed all throughout my movie-viewing years.

So with these particular genres, I rented out “Good Luck Chuck,” a flick that I’ve never heard of (or maybe have heard of, but have forgotten later on), and “Across the Universe,” a movie musical I’ve been wanting to watch on the big screen but didn’t (because basically, it wasn’t shown on the local big screen! 😡 …!).

Who Says Men Can’t Cheer?

While surfing YouTube, I’ve stumbled across a video created by some friends of mine back in college. With its mere count of 200 views, I decided to give them a hand in their quest for celebrity status by sharing the video through this blog (I know this blog isn’t popular, but I’d love to help anyway. Enjoy! 😀

This Just In

I just received this text message from my “master” (well, my coach when it comes to fine art). I hope you’ll like it:
Do you know why I’m still thankful?
It’s because I may never have everything, but at least I never had nothing.
Good day!

Not All Superheroes are Gorgeous

I suppose that with the wonders that only Hollywood could bring, you’ve been under the impression that superheroes are refined, majestic, daring, and save the world in style. Wrong. Not all superheroes are gorgeous. Proof? Let me introduce you to a supernatural superhero named Hellboy.

In 1944, with the German Nazis desperate to take over America, they inquire the help of a somewhat dark priest named Grigori Rasputin to open the portal leading to an intergalactic stone prison of the Ogdru Jahad (The Seven Gods of Chaos). These so-called gods are capable of bringing about the apocalypse–the destruction of Earth. Alarmed by this plan of the Nazis, the US sends a team to stop the opening of the portal. Guided by a young Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, the team successfully intercepts the awakening of the gods of destruction.

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