A Shameless Plug

I interrupt your blog reading for this significant announcement (at least to this blogger). Recis, the owner and author of this blog, Scribe’s Express (now renamed to What Recis Writes), has passed the Philippine Nurses Licensure Examinations! The announcement was received by Recis last July 24, 2008; Thursday; at around 11:27:39 PM. It was later confirmed on the Internet (through INQUIRER.net) the following day (click image below). Congratulations to the new nurse! Now, back to regular blogging.

I passed!


They Dared Me, I Dare You Too!

I’ve received this video for three times already on my Friendster account that I’ve thought of spreading it around through my blog. For some reason, its subject line has been labelled “I Dare You!” Whatever. Don’t think too much of what you are going to read. It’s the thought and message that counts, not the example. Enjoy it, and I too, DARE YOU!

“Save You” by Simple Plan

I’ve read in the paper a review of Simple Plan’s new, self-titled album. In the review, particular praise was given to the song, Save You. I was curious as to why it was taken in high regard that I decided to surf it on the net just to listen to it. Since it wasn’t released yet as a single (or maybe it won’t get released at all), I went to YouTube and hoped someone made a fanvid of Simple Plan with the said song in the background. I found it and I listened intently. Woah! It simply rocked! Save You was packed with so much emotion, the same kind with the band’s past hits like Perfect and Welcome to My life. Listening to it, I guess it talks about a guy voicing out his feelings of being there for his beloved girl whenever she feels down. He also wants the girl to know that he will do everything to make things better for her. I described it as bitter-sweet with a sad atmosphere, but nonetheless, an assuring rock ballad of love.

Jaya: Cool Change

Jaya Ramsey, over the years, has been constantly appearing on the music scene. I have admired her for her humility, dedication, and innovative & positive approach to singing. Aside from that (unlike some artists) she was able to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship with family, friends, and fans. I have always heard her songs on radio, or heard her singing covers of popular songs on television. It wasn’t until this year that I considered her as a musical influence. In line with that, last year, she also released her double platinum album, Cool Change.

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Gotham City is a Psychiatric Ward!

In the past, superhero flicks were made for the fun that they brought to the yuppie movie-going populace. Action. Adventure. A really cool outfit. High-tech gadgets. The beautiful damsel in distress and the handsome knight in shining armor. A notorious villain. The battle between good and evil. But unlike then, most superhero flicks today dwell more on economy, politics, society, and psychologic & psychiatric imbalances. The Dark Knight delivers that and more.

"Why so serious?"
“Why so serious?”

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