Jaya: Cool Change

Jaya Ramsey, over the years, has been constantly appearing on the music scene. I have admired her for her humility, dedication, and innovative & positive approach to singing. Aside from that (unlike some artists) she was able to establish and maintain a harmonious relationship with family, friends, and fans. I have always heard her songs on radio, or heard her singing covers of popular songs on television. It wasn’t until this year that I considered her as a musical influence. In line with that, last year, she also released her double platinum album, Cool Change.

Cool Change (under GMA Recods) packs Jaya’s renditions of songs that she has always loved listening to, arranged in different styles and tones. Accordingly, she wanted the album to contain tracts that would set the listener in a reminiscent mode. The lead track, Is It Over?, was originally sung by Ronnie Milsap. My personal choices however, are Cool Change and Chaka Khan’s Through the Fire. For Cool Change, Jaya presented it in a gospel style that did giddy me up. Through the Fire, on the other hand, was given a soul/RnB style that I appreciate more than other artists who covered it. Other songs include Just Once, Points of View (a duet with Regine Velasquez), On The Radio, Girlfriend, Just Because, For The First Time, Why Can’t It Be (a duet with Janno Gibbs), Living Inside Myself, and Cody’s Song.

It’s a great collection for fans of classic RnB/Soul music genres.


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Recis Dempayos

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