The Deviant Superhero

Four days after watching Wanted, I threaded the theater once again and finally got to see Hancock.

Will Smith stars as Hancock
Will Smith stars as Hancock

At first, I thought the protagonist, John Hancock (Will Smith) didn’t know that he had super powers, that his superhero ability was regarded as a curse, that society didn’t want him (but in the end, would need him), and that he was just an ordinary guy. It turned out that I was right. He was just an ordinary guy.

Hancock already knew of his powers, how to control them, and he was already a super hero from the very start. Well, with unsophisticated results. His so-called heroic acts would turn out to be acts of destruction. For example, in a car chase between police and robbers, Hancock gets pissed when the robbers shatter his bottle of whisky and call him an asshole. He then lifts the robbers’ car, flies high, smashes them through buildings, and drops them on a building tower. Well, you get the picture. A destructive superhero indeed.

But all that changes when Hancock saves the life of Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman) in a train accident. Ray is an advertising agent with lousy strategies of making the world a better place. As an act of thanks, Ray offers Hancock a chance to change his public image and to help him turn over a new leaf. Hancock reluctantly agrees. He goes to prison and begins a depressing journey of changing himself and accepting the change that happens. One day, he gets a big break by rescuing a policewoman ad hostages in a building taken over by terrorists.

So the protagonist is now a superhero. All is well as it ends well. However, as far as Los Angeles’ crime rate drops, Hancock doesn’t know who he is. He cannot remember his past. All he knows is that he is immortal. This is where Ray’s wife, Mary Embrey (Charlize Theron) comes in. This is where the plot twist comes in. This is where the reason why Mary’s constant appearance from the very beginning (which would seem insignificant) finally becomes significant. Well, I’m not telling what the twist is. 😛

I found the movie to be great! It was actually one of the movies I would associate well with Will Smith. Despite negative reviews from critics (see Rotten Tomatoes), moviegoers (including yours truly) gave it the praise it so much deserved. The movie’s striking feature, for me, was its dialogue/script. The dialogues were funny that I thought they could be compiled into a joke book. I was laughing almost all throughout the movie, even in the absence of slapstick acts (it still had a fair amount of funny acts), all because of the dialogue. It’s a good movie for both young and old, but youngsters should be mature enough due to the use of vulgar language. Go watch it before it gets out of the movie house!


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