Sex Comedy Musical–Penguin’s Love

Love like those of penguins...
Love like those of penguins…

Good Luck Chuck stars Dane Cook as the unfortunately cursed Dr. Charlie Logan (aka Chuck), and Jessica Alba as the disastrous Cam Wexler. A sex comedy at the least, since most scenes are purely sweet or just plain, good, old slapstick comedy (horny at times, though); but still a sex comedy.

Opening in the year 1985, Chuck, as a child, was cursed by a 10-year old occult-wannabee after being denied of a first time quickie in a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven (which resembles the Truth or Dare game). The curse was that whenever he would meet a girl, they would fall in love, go out, and have sex. But then, the girl would leave him and the next guy the girl meets would be the one she would marry. Seems like a happy ending, no?

But Chuck, who, in the present day, feels like a mere key to everyone’s happily ever after–except to himself. Until he meets Cam. He feels that she IS the one. This prompted him to verify the validity of the curse or “the charm,” as known to ladies far and wide. At one point, Chuck is convinced that it’s just a coincidence, a hoax. But after a passionate night with Cam, he suddenly finds out that the most unattractive woman on Earth whom he slept with earlier is finally getting married, he feels he might lose the love of life. Chuck then goes to extreme and overexaggerated acts that leads to his breakup with Cam. With a broken heart, Chuck gets to the bottom of all of his bad luck. And in his quest to fight to be “that next guy,” he discovers how people are meant for each other when they are in truly in love–a love as sweet as a penguin’s love.

Although critics at Rotten Tomatoes have panned the film extensively, I still liked it! Well, aside from the sexy comedy. I loved the idea of referring the love lives of penguins to the love life of the two protagonists. It is a good watch and I wasn’t really bored in the first sequences. But if watched it and you did hate it, I guess it just depends on every individual’s tastes.


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