Kung Fu Panda 2–Too Good to be True?

Po and Master Shifu
Po and Master Shifu

Just so you know, as reported on Wikipedia, Kung Fu Panda was able to haul in a gross worldwide revenue of $239,085,029.00! That’s close to double of the budget that they spent on the making of the flick ($130 million)! And get this: According to PerthNow, DreamWorks boss, Jeffrey Katzenberg says that with the success of the animated film, a franchise of about five to six sequels is prepared, depending on the general outcome of the film.

On the other hand, Steve Hulett of The Animation Guild (TAG) blog reported that a story crew at DreamWorks has started work on Kung Fu Panda, The Sequel. Man! Am I rejoicing! Here’s an excerpt from the blog:

Every building of the DW campus is bursting with activity. Monsters and Aliens, Shrek, Madagascar Deux, and on and on. DreamWorks’ Lakeside Building is getting enlarged, and the administrative staff is gone from the upper floors.

But down on the lower levels, artists are working. A story crew has started early work in Kung Fu Panda, the Sequel, even while animators are hand-drawing new material for the DVD of Kung Fu Panda, the original.

Hmmm… I’m thinking… five sequels about each of the members of the Furious Five, or a sequel with Po and the Furious Five fighting a huge army (the Huns, maybe?) of those who plan on invading China, or the story behind Tai Lung… whatever! I just hope it lives up to the original Kung Fu Panda. I’ll be waiting…


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3 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 2–Too Good to be True?”

  1. Hi Kailyn. You gotta wait for maybe a year or two for the sequel. I mean, Kung Fu Panda was just released this year. Besides, all the waiting would be so much sweeter if it took some time. About Po meeting another panda, I’m not so sure, but it would otherwise be a good concept.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. OH! OH! and Tai Lung the title should be called “Revenge of the Failed Warrior” wich is Tai Lung is Po is gonna face him, I also heard Po’s gonna meet another Panda, is that true?

  3. They said it was because it was an AWESOME movie, So, why does it take soooo long, I’de be a helper for them scince I’m good at characters, I got a good one for Tai Lung’s partner too LOL

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