Spider-Man’s Battle Within

"The greatest battle lies within."
“The greatest battle lies within.”

At the actual showing date of Spider-Man 3 (that was just a year before), I was surprised to see in the newspaper’s movie guide section that every cinema in the whole Philippines was showing the third installment in the Spider-Man series. I knew then that this was gonna’ be a blockbuster. And it did.

This installment is really the best of the three. The truth is, the Spider-Man movie series gets better and better! True, violent scenes coupled with spidey’s dark side make the movie inappropriate for kids, but with all the lessons it contains, it was decidedly given a GP rating.

Spider-Man 3

The central theme, “The greatest battle lies within,” is timely in a period when people are forgetting vigilance and sacrifice. All of the characters undergo “the battle within.” Some win, some lose, spidey loses but then starts all over. Its closing lines–“…with the battles that rage within us, we have one choice…” And that choice, accordingly, is to be the best that you can be.

The film possesses superb CGI and great action scenes. But it’s just not that. The emotional element of this third series can make you cry. Heck, I was teary-eyed all throughout and at the end, I really cried (I think I was the only one in the cinema who cried). Combined, they gave valuable lessons on responsibility, respect, friendship, forgiveness, and as I would like to emphasize, listening to the side of those involved before reacting. The casting is just right. The Spider-Man series proves that you don’t have to cast big stars (although the cast are now considered big time!) for a movie to be a blockbuster.

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