Saturday Afternoon Marathon–Cinderella

The Cinderella Special Edition
The Cinderella Special Edition

“Once upon a time in a faraway land…”

Ah, those immortal opening lines of fairy tales. Kind of gets you in a reminiscence mood, does it? (okay, maybe not!)

Cinderella. What is there to blog about? I mean, the story’s been immortalized in the hearts of people, brought down from generation to generation. And the passing down of this timeless story from parent to child will continue as long as Disney is around. It’s a known story that I won’t write the plot anymore. That is, unless you’re unfamiliar with it, just call my attention.

I do, however, would like to share some parts of the story that I wasn’t familiar with. I’ve seen other versions of this story (my favorite of which is an old-type of anime) and there are some slight differences with the original:

1. The original Cinderella animation didn’t give emphasis to Cinderella’s mother.

2. Cinderella actually finished her duties in time for the ball and actually had a dress to wear, as opposed to my favorite version where she didn’t go because she wasn’t able to finish her chores on time.

3. While dancing with the prince at the ball, Cinderella didn’t know that she was actually dancing with the prince.

4. When the king’s messenger was looking for the right girl whose foot would fit on the glass slipper, the evil step-mother locked cinderella in the attic. In the other version, she was with her step-sisters and when it was time for her to try on the glass slipper, her step-mother just tipped the messenger so the slipper would break (just like in the original).

There you have it, some of the differences I’ve observed. My favorite version by the way, is a television series with a lot of stories in-between. There are other differences as compared with my favorite version. But even though, this story would surely last for many lifetimes of both young and old.


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