Growing Up Through Prenancy


Just finished watching Juno this morning. It was refreshing from start to finish. I thought I would get bored in the first 30 minutes, but I wasn’t. I got hooked on, wanting to find out how it would end.

Juno, is basically about a teenage girl, Juno (obviously!), who had sex with her best friend, Paulie Bleeker, one supposedly boring afternoon. In the opening, we see her going to a store to buy a pregnancy test kit (for a third time), trying it out, and accepts the fact that she’s pregnant. Then starts a nerve-wrecking journey of deciding what to do with the pregnancy, telling Bleeker, telling her parents, etc. Although I am against the thought of adoption, she still chose it rather than having the pregnancy terminated through abortion (thankfully!). But in the midst negotiating with the adopting couple, Juno finds herself bitterly facing life’s reality, doubting her faith in humanity. Still, she faces these pressures headstrong; growing and learning, until the birth of the child.

I thought that the film, though an indie, was great(!) and deserved to be nominated in the Golden Globe and Academy Awards. Aside from its pro-life theme, I also appreciated the guitar-driven music, the old-school effects, and the acting. It’s delivery was easy, which I think, gave it a good viewership. It was, in my opinion, a masterpiece of simplicity.


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One thought on “Growing Up Through Prenancy”

  1. I like that NBC is spreading a good message to teens about not getting pregnant. I will have my brothers and sisters watch this show. I think it starts on June 25th at 9pm!

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