About Me

How are you today?

Oh I’m feeling good, thank you!

How is life as an only child?

As a child, I really never felt alone. But now, I realize that it can be lonely. I mean, when you go home, no one’s there to ask you ‘bout your day. You got no blood who’s your age to stick with you through the thickest. Sometimes, I get envious of people with siblings.

What kind of family/childhood did you have?

My parents raised me conventionally. However, there are some things that are unconventional. If I wanted to learn something, they would encourage me to learn on my own then consult them later on if I have learned enough. They never punished me, like, you know, all the whipping and stuff. Still, they were protective of me. Today, we have a steady and nice relationship going. I’m happy. My childhood, would be expectedly lonely. I played with the television, cats, toys, my cousins who visited, and that’s that. I grew up in a peaceful community (although it’s not peaceful now). I’m a sub-urban guy.

What would you say about this rumor going around that you’re gay?

*sigh* Let’s clear this once and for all, okay? I am not gay. I’ve been told people base it from the way I move (whatever!), my voice (now really!), etc. Well, I don’t really practice machoism too much. Why? It’s simply not me. I tried to do it but it simply wasn’t me, and I hated it. In machismo, there is less emotional response. Puh-leeze!! Additionally, I’m not very much aggressive. But I don’t care what people think, as long as they’ve listened to my side and they know the truth. It would be a different story if they spread false rumors without even consulting me: they would see the face of resentment and revenge. He! He!

So there’re no skeletons in your closet?


Are you sure that you’re not … what … an unwed father?

Of course not!

Why nursing?

I originally opted for communication, either journalism or broadcast in University of the Philippines College Baguio. Still, I took the college exams of Benguet State University and Saint Loius University. In BSU, I entered my choice courses as Development Communication, Information Technology, and Veterinary Medicine. When I accompanied my friend to see if she made it in the nursing program, I saw my name enlisted. I was surprised! Now, the reason for my taking the nursing path is this: I feel that this is what God wants me to pursue—to help people. And as of now, I will take it seriously. See, I haven’t taken my course seriously in the past two and a half years!

What a nice story.

Thank you! 😀

What is your rule or motto in life?

God is our sovereign and it is to Him that we should dedicate our sufferings and hardships. I also like a line that I read from somewhere I can’t remember: “When a person’s steps follow the Lord, God is pleased with his ways. If he stumbles, he will not fall, because the Lord holds his hand.”

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Hmmm… I really can’t think of any. Almost everyday, something embarrassing happens to me and I’ve gotten pretty used to it. How about when I won the third place in the computer literacy quiz and when I accepted the award on stage, with my backpack on, I rotated on my axis and everyone felt dumbfounded while some laughed. Another is when everyone at school found out that I was on the list for a removal exam in a subject that I failed.

How about your saddest?

When I found out that my cousin was killed in her home 2005. She was shot and the criminal was never caught up to this day. I forgot to invite her to my high school graduation party and promised to invite her when I graduated from college. I regretted that.

And your happiest?

When I celebrated a Christmas party with my Cor Unum friends in 2005.

How’s your night life?

Well, I don’t really get out too much, except on duties and late night parties. Still, I would like to experience gettin’ out in the city at night.

Love life?

None. Period.

Is it true you don’t have any plans of marrying?

Yup. I see it as a hindrance to achieving your dreams. (I can hear peoples reactions…) Still, we don’t know what happens in the future. Maybe I would stumble, but stumbling really hurts and I don’t want to hurt again. God runs my life.

Sex life?

Uh … He! He! None!

Describe yourself in three words.

Whimsical. Misunderstood. Gago.


Ha! Ha! I can be like that …

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Recis Dempayos

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    1. Hey Pointless Paranoia!

      Thanks for reading! This was actually first published on Friendster, back in its heyday when they had their own blog publishing system. I hope you’ll find the rest of the articles herein interesting. Enjoy breakfast!


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